10 years of Gantlights are also 10 years of Berlin. A decade in a vibrant city that is constantly reinventing itself, always creating space for new ideas. Therefore, the young architect Stefan Gant dedicates a special edition to his company anniversary: Together with the Berlin Urban Art Crew WE.N.U., Gantlights presents 10 limited luminaires as a tribute to this extraordinary capital.


The WE.N.U. Crew coins a special style


For example, the WE.N.U. Crew, a quartet of artists from Berlin and Hong Kong, which attracts attention through oversized isometric hidden object images. Creating a style that moves beyond classic graffiti was also the key premise with which the four – namely Erik, Mo, Jenne and Friendly – came together as a crew in 2013: Eight hands that together create an image as if from one hand, orient themselves to a kind of coordinate system and can thus paint at any point at any time.

As a result, they develop extremely complex works of art in this way, which inevitably catch the eye through the abundance of individual figures and elements. The viewers become the link between the crew and the picture, as they can only bring the story laid out in the picture to life through focused attention. This is also the origin of their name: WE.N.U. – We and You.


10 luminaires serve as an art surface


In this way, they have created, among other things, a 33-meter-long illustration that could be seen at Hong Kong’s Central-Mid-Levels Escalators, painted an oversized wall on the Magic City in Stockholm, or decorated the entrance area to Berlin’s Holzmarkt cultural center. From the end of October, the ten luminaires by Gantlights, which were created in collaboration with the WE.N.U. crew on the occasion of the company’s 10th anniversary, will probably also be on display here.

10 luminaires made of concrete, mounted together as a wall with an area of 112 x 70 centimeters and illustrated by the WE.N.U. Crew, will then temporarily illuminate the tables in the restaurant “Katerschmaus” from Holzmarkt on the site of the legendary Bar 25 as exhibits. If you look closely, you will recognize a piece of quaint Berlin on each luminaire: a gramophone, a Spree steamer, the Red City Hall – in short, each luminaire is an ode to the capital, which captivates people with its endless possibilities like no other German city.


Each lamp is a unique object of art


The rectangular hanging lamp B4 is cast from a light gray concrete. It combines the raw charm of the cool material with the aesthetics of urban street art to create a timeless and elegant designer lamp – each of which in this edition is absolutely unique. If desired, a high-quality gold plating can also be applied to the interior at a later date. With a format of 56 x 14 x 14 centimeters, the lamp is particularly well suited to skilfully set the scene for a dining table, but also works as a carefully placed art object in the room.

The anniversary edition of Gantlights, limited to 10 pieces, can be found online now for 1,799 euros at www.gantlights.com and will be delivered after the end of the exhibition period at Holzmarkt from January 2023.

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