Which bulbs come in the lamps?

All the versions have common sizes, the specification, eg E14, E27, .. describes the bulb size. The B3 and T2 lamp need a spherical drop bulb E14. Available are these at any hardware store. (Bulbs not included)

How many watts maximum allowed in the lamps?

I recommend a maximum of 40 watt bulbs to screw into the lamps.

Are the lights dimmable?

All lamps are dimmable. The built-in LED lamp of the C1 lamp is also optionally available as dimmable version. Please make sure that your dimmer switch LED is suitable. We will gladly send you a list of compatible dimmers by email.

How bright are the lamps?

Since the concrete is opaque, the light seems very directed from the air. Through the gold coating on the inside of the cone of light is relatively large, and, depending on the height of the lamp, widely distributed in the room. Moreover, the coating colors the light in a very comfortable and warm yellow gold. 

The various interior coatings – gold, silver and copper – have an influence on the scattered light colour.

How many lamps do I need for my table?

For the pendant lamps, B1, B2, B5, B6, T1, T2 and T3 we recommend one lamp up to a table length of 100cm, two lamps up to 160cm, three lamps up to 240cm etc. As a rule of thumb we recommend – to install one lamp per 80cm table length.

Which C-series lamps fits my table?

To ensure adequate illumination,
we recommend the following lengths:
Up to a table length of 140cm we recommend
the [C2] lamp with 92cm length.
Up to a table length of 200cm we recommend
the [C1] lamp with 122cm length.
Up to a table length of 300cm we recommend
the [C3] lamp with 182cm length.
For longer tables several models of the
the same model can be used.


How do I hang the lamps?

You will receive the pre-installed lampholder configuration as well as the separate lampshade. After the main fuse has been switched off, the lampholder configuration is first attached to a hook in the ceiling via the three-hole suspension. The cables can then be connected in the supplied luster terminal and covered with the canopy. Then you can attach the lamp shade to the socket with the sleeve. The lamps should only be installed by a certified electrician.

Is it possible to connect several lamps to a terminal?

The connection of several lamps on a port is not a problem. For experienced craftsmen there are instructions on the Internet. But I recommend to have install the lamps by a licensed electrician. I take no responsibility for improperly installed lamps.

Aren’t concrete lamps too heavy for my ceiling?

With the B4, B5 and C1, C2 and C3 lamps, you should ensure that the ceiling has sufficient load-bearing capacity. All other models weigh less than two kilograms and therefore make no special demands on the ceiling construction. Make sure to fix the lamp with the supplied screw ring with at least three full turns.

How high should the lamps be hung?

Above a dining table or workstation, we recommend a height of about 60-70cm above the table, depending on body height. Above a kitchen counter the lamp should hang a little higher so that the working area is not disturbed. Here we recommend a height of 80-90cm above the counter.


Do you have a shop
where you can see the lights?

You can see the lamps at any time, after date arrangement in my studio in the Böhmischen Str. 12 in 12055 Berlin-Neukölln.

Is it possible to pick up the lamps too?

A pickup is available after personal consultation.

Do you deliver in larger quantities?

The delivery of large numbers, for example, for catering or hotel at any time by appointment.


Can I also use the lamp in a
a different size?

The development and formwork costs for new models are very high and take up a lot of time, therefore the production is only worthwhile from a purchase of about 30 pieces

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